Series of Boilers' Applications

Biomass / Biofuel (Palm Empty Fruit Bunch – EFB)

Much studies with R & D had been conducted to specially develop this application in view of the many unsuccessful operations of EFB Boilers mainly due to the clinkers formation resulting short burning cycles as short as 3 weeks interval shutting down to clear clinkers for Malaysian make boilers & less than 3 months interval for some imported Boilers.

Our EFB Boilers design are focus on targeting 6 months and minimum 3 months burning cycle for better investment & operation returns. Special attention on avoidance of clinkers is based on the understanding of the EFB at every point of changes in its' form at different temperatures of burning.

Alkali Recovery Boiler

Developed to burn the black liquid organic contents from Paper Pulp process effectively resolving pollution threats thus effectively achieving economic gains in terms of power & reduction of pollution costs. This Boiler is developed for 40tds/d ~ 1000tds/d with series of low & medium pressure to sub - high pressure.

Alkali Recovery Boiler

Pet Coke a by-product from oil refining process contained fixed carbon and difficult to burn. Available capacity up to 240t/h.

Alkali Recovery Boiler

This application mainly utilizes tail gas generated from Steel Mills for Power Generation & Heat Supply. Boiler capacities are capable of power generation up to 100 MW.

Alkali Recovery Boiler

A special boiler developed to effectively utilizes the waste heat of various industrial applications. A useful solution to capture waste heat energy to power generation etc.

Pulverized Coal Fired Boiler

With over 30 years of production & experience of PC Boiler for high efficiency combustion to Ultra Critical applications with capacities ranging from 35t/d ~ 2100t/d