HV Type

Sealed and pressure-tight

A pressure-tight and airtight decanter. It can be used for dehydration in various fields, including for hazardous materials such as solvents or poisonous substances


  • Non-contact shaft seal method
  • Due to the non-contact gas seal, there is no loss of power from the seal and contamination will not occur. Futhermore, the non-contact seal ensures a long lifespan. Also, flushing liquid, necessary for mechanical type contact seal methods and the refrigeration or circulation equipment needed for it are not required.
    It used an extremely low amount of seal gas as well.

  • Simple and compact design
  • Because it utilizes a horizontal format, it offers a high degree of freedom when planning plant equipment layout.

  • Original seal embedded structure
  • By using an original seal embedded structure, the total length has been reduced to the length of our standard machines and through this, it is possible to operate it with high centrifugal force.