Turbo Generator Set


Renergy Single Stage Back Pressure Steam Turbine
High Efficiency Design

RENERGY Single Stage Turbine (RESST) are specifically designed based on API 611 & partial 612 requirements for heavy duty cycle operations with priorities for safety, reliability and high efficiency. Suitable for mechanical drives and for low voltage generators up to 3500 Kw. RESST turbines are of impulse type single stage two row Curtis blades with one row of steam reversing blades located in between the two rows of rotating blades.

All Foundation Stool Footings of the Turbine, Gearbox and Generator Mating surface are milled to surface flatness of < 0.001 thou or < 0.02 mm to mat the milled mounting pedestals surface of Turbine, Gearbox and Generator to ensure no stress or bending of the Equipments housings that might distort the geometry alignment of the bearing housings which will shorten the operation lifespan of bearings and equipments resulting unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.