Guinard Centrifudge

  • Automatic continuous operation
  • Excellent separation efficiency
  • Unique solid washing device
  • Small size, minimized vibration and ease of installation


The GUINARD continuous centrifuge is provided with a cone cover (upper casing plus lower casing) and a sludge inlet and separated liquid outlet on its cylindrical frame. In the casing, there is a rotating cone basket in which a multiple slitted screen is provided. Moreover, the scraper, a spiral blade placed on the cone rotor, turns coaxially with the basket inside the screen. The screen and scraper, while keeping a proper clearance, rotate at a constant relative rate in the same direction.

This rate is obtainable by using change gear. The above operation is performed through the V-belt using the motor on the motor base that is incorporated in the frame. Slurry fed from the slurry inlet disperses into thin layers on the inside of the cone screen. Solid particles are scraped using a scraper rotation mechanism and dehydrated with downward motion, and then discharged into the frame. The separated liquid is transmitted through the screen slits by centrifugal force and discharged from the separated liquid outlet. When the separated solid matter needs washing, washing liquid should be supplied from the washing liquid inlet.