Automatic Multi Cyclone System

Doliver Sandpiper Hydrocyclones


The Doliver Hydrocyclones have been widely used due to being one of the most efficient desanding applications in Palm Oil Industries, Juice Industries, Crystalline Precipitates Industries etc.

Hydrocyclones Separation Theory

The centrifugal force developed in the hydroclones brings about separation into fine & coarse particle size fractions. The main factors influencing the process are the different specific gravities between the carrier liquid & the solids.
The suspension is fed tangentially into the housing inlet (1) under pressure, converting the inlet pressure into kinetic energy. The tangential feed arrangement causes the suspension to spin inside the cyclone forcing the suspension liquid & solid particle to separate by centrifugal action. Solid free liquid is then drawn to the vortex and up through the separator outlet (11). Centrifugal action tosses the particle heavier then the liquid to the perimeter of separation chamber which then drops gradually along the perimeter into the separator's quiescent collection chamber into sand collecting box.


Simplex A

Abrasion Resistant Polymer Composite
Trapping of 50-70 micron water sand-suspension


Simplex B

Abrasion Resistant Polymer Composite
Trapping of 10-40 micron water sand-suspension