IX-T Type

Energy saving, low noise, less space

Developed under the concept of "Gentle to the Earth", this is a light weight, low noise type slender-bodied decanter, requiring minimal installation space. It gives its best performance in the field of sewage treatment.


  • Light weight, small installation space
  • We have suceeded in achieving 30% lighter weight and 40% less installation space compared to our regular types by creating an optimal design for the shape of the rotating unit, and casing size.

  • Low Noise
  • By modifying the shape of the rotating part's cover, which has been a source of noise, we have realized 2 to 3 dB(A) less noise comparing with our normal machines.

  • Energy Saving
  • IX-T Type adopts Inverters for the main drive and back drive units. This can bring you optimal G-Force and screw speed for your slurry by just turning the dial on the control panel. Also by connecting Inverters for the main drive motor and back drive motor, the back drives motor acts as generator and supplies the power to the main motor.